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Laugh Often

"A day without laughter is a day wasted." ~Charlie Chaplin

Laughter makes everything better. Having a sense of humor lightens your burdens, connects you to others, inspires hopefulness and offers a new perspective.

If you can find something to laugh about, life can't be all bad. You should laugh often; you will find things don't seem as bleak as they did before, and you will find yourself surrounded by people who enjoy this positive vibe.


There are multiple health benefits to laughing often: it lowers your stress hormones, relaxes your muscles, decreases pain among many other things. There are social benefits, too! People want to be around happy people. Chances are if you laugh often, you will attract people to yourself. Everyone will want to be your friend! Laughter helps build community.

Step It Up:

Encourage other people to laugh with you. Tell more jokes, and don't take yourself too seriously. Be willing to laugh at yourself when you make a mistake. And be willing to let others laugh with you! Forward funny emails on to friends and family.

Keep It Simple:

Having a hard time finding something to laugh about? Pop in your favorite comedy or find a funny clip on Youtube or Hulu from your favorite show. Once you start laughing you'll find it hard to stop!

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