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Note of Recommendation

The next time an employee goes out of their way to help you solve a problem or locate an item in a store, make a mental note to send a letter of praise and recommendation to their boss.

Be sure to name the employee who helped you and go into detail on how that employee went above and beyond for you. It is far more common for people to complain when things go wrong, so take this opportunity to praise someone for doing something right.


Praise for good works encourages more good works to be done. By praising this employee to their boss, it is very likely they will try harder to provide the same excellent service to all they meet. You are also helping to build a stronger trust between the employee and employer.

Step It Up:

Don't just write a note; live in the moment! Ask to speak with the employee's supervisor. If possible, ask the employee to stay with you when you speak with his or her boss, and praise the employee to the boss' face, while the employee is present. You will leave a lasting impression upon both the employee and employer.

Keep It Simple:

A note is good no matter how late. Even if you don't know the specific name of the person who helped you, take the time to send a letter of thanks. Or if you are really pressed for time you could find the company or organization on line and leave a positive comment on their website, or on an internet review site somewhere.

Related Resources:

Work with the Better Business Bureau to report positive behavior.

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