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Give Away Your Parking Spot

Next time you are in a crowded parking lot and you spot a great parking space close to the entrance of the building, let it go. Let someone else have that parking spot.

Whether you see someone else eying that spot or not, simply drive past it and park further away. Or maybe you have a special parking spot at work reserved for you. Tell your co-worker that they can park there the next day and park elsewhere.


If you park farther away from the entrance, you will get more exercise and arrive to your destination feeling refreshed. And you get the added benefit knowing that you just made someone's day by leaving the lucky parking space for them to discover.

Step It Up:

Make it a habit to always park a little further from the entrance than necessary, that way you are always leaving the closer parking spots for the people who need it more. If you are driving other people to your destination, drop them off at the entrance while you go and park the car. If you live in an apartment complex where you have to pay extra to have a parking space, reserve a space and let your neighbor park there from time to time instead of you. Or, rent one for a neighbor anonymously.

Keep It Simple:

You don't have to park at the complete opposite end of the parking lot, just let the really close spots go. Just try it once!

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