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Clean Your Classroom

Surprise your school's janitor or custodian and clean your classroom before they arrive.

If you are a teacher, motivate your students to be aware of their messes throughout the day, and then for the last couple of minutes each day have them really clean: wipe down their desks, sweep the floors, clean the chalkboard, stack the chairs, etc. If you are a student, suggest to your teacher and classmates that one day this week you would like to clean the classroom before the janitor gets there in the afternoon or evening.


This is a great way to teach your students kindness in a "hands on" way. Your janitor and custodian will appreciate this generous gesture as well.

Step It Up:

Leave a treat for the person who regularly cleans your room. Leave them a note letting them know that you've gone ahead and cleaned it for them, and encourage them to take a break and enjoy the snack you've left them. You could do this once a month and have different students volunteer to provide the snack each month.

Keep It Simple:

Every little bit helps; if you don't have time to clean the whole classroom choose one thing you can do. Wipe down the desks, or do a quick sweep. Put books and art supplies away, or bring your trash to the dumpster instead of leaving it for the custodian to do.

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