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Donate Percentage of Receipts

Merchants have a wonderful opportunity to invite their customers to help them raise money for a charity or cause. If you own a restaurant, cafe, clothing boutique, pet store, convenience store, etc., you have the unique ability to raise far more money than just one person could ever donate.

Select one day or week a year and commit to donate a percentage of your receipts from that day or week towards a special cause. Start advertising well in advance so your customers are aware that on this certain day each month, when they shop or eat at your store, part of their purchase amount will go to charity.


You will get great satisfaction knowing that you are using your job to help others in a way that wouldn't otherwise be possible. You are motivating others to give generously, and helping to change lives in your community. Raise money for a cause or charity that makes sense for you. If you sell children's clothing, have your donations go to a local mentoring organization. If you own a restaurant, send the percentage from your receipts to a local food bank or homeless shelter.

Step It Up:

Set aside one day each month to donate a percentage of your receipts. Choose something easy to remember: the 10th or the 15th of each month, or the first Monday of each month. Or make a real statement and decide to give 100% of all receipts instead of just 10 or 20%. Perhaps even have someone come in from the organization or cause you are helping to raise funds for to thank your customers.

Keep It Simple:

Do this one day a year around the holidays. Or give your employees one day a year off specifically so that they can go and volunteer with an organization close to their heart.

Related Resources:

You can donate a portion of each sale electronically. Check out DonorCharge for more information.

Look into donating your processing fee.

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