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Make a List of Appreciation

Make a list for your spouse or significant other highlighting all of the different reasons you appreciate them. Spend a couple of days thinking about it and every time a new character trait you particularly love about your spouse pops in your mind, write it down.

If you catch your boyfriend doing something kind for your neighbor, write it down! If your girlfriend goes out of her way to make you a nice dinner, write it down! After a couple of days you will have a tremendous list. Write the list neatly in a card, or type it up and send it to them in an email.


Not only will your loved one feel greatly appreciated, but you will find yourself feeling overwhelmingly grateful for your significant other. Too often in life we take the people we love for granted. This is a wonderful reminder of how lucky we are to have these people in our lives!

Step It Up:

Do this exercise for everyone whom you appreciate in your life. Start with your spouse or significant other, but next month why not write a similar list for your parents? Or your best friend, college roommate, or coach? Make a commitment to create one list of appreciation each month for someone special in your life. Perhaps you could present them with the list over a nice dinner or long walk. Spend quality time with your loved ones as well.

Keep It Simple:

Go out of your way to tell your spouse or loved one reason why you appreciate them each day. Do this for a week.

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