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Host an Art Show

Host your own art show and offer to feature artists who would never otherwise have the opportunity to share their work: disabled children, elderly people, those suffering with terminal illnesses. Or offer to host an art gallery for a friend who is an aspiring artist, simply to help them get their name out there and to sell some work.

There are so many talented individuals who may not ever have the honor of seeing their work in a gallery; help make this dream happen for a friend or underprivileged members of your community. Whether you are an individual, a school, or an organization you can host an art gallery.


Art galleries help artists get their names out in the public eye. They can also help raise money for causes. Who knows? Your gallery might just kick-start your friend's career, or end up raising enough money to help purchase art supplies for your local high school.

Step It Up:

Make your show an annual or semi-annual event. People will begin to look forward to it and it will grow in popularity. Use this gallery to do good in your community and donate the proceeds. You could have the artwork auctioned off rather than posting the asking prices, you may be able to raise more money that way.

Keep It Simple:

Donate art supplies to your local high school or nursing home. Encourage art among those in your community.

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