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Offer the Handyman a Drink

At some point in time, we've all had to call the handyman to help us out. The kitchen sink backs up, or a leaky faucet gets worse; a window needs to be reinforced or the furnace needs replacing. The next time someone is at your house fixing something, offer them a drink or a snack. Let them know you appreciate the work they are doing for you.


Offering water or lemonade to the person fixing your house, especially on a hot day, will help develop a mutual respect and potentially even a friendship down the road.

Step It Up:

If you know you have someone coming to your house to fix something, bake some cookies and have them ready when the handyman comes. Offer cookies while they are there, but also be sure to give them some to take with them when they leave. If they work for a big company, call their boss and let the boss know how great of a job they did.

Keep It Simple:

Even if you don't have anything special on hand, always be sure to offer a glass of water. If you are making a sandwich, offer to make them one too. If you aren't home while they are working on your house, leave a note next too an empty glass suggesting they help themselves to some water while they are there. Also be sure to thank them!

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