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Stop Negative Conversations

There is a point in every conversation we have where we make a choice to either engage in gossip and speak badly about someone or something, or to steer the conversation away from gossip and onto more positive things. It doesn't take much to stop negativity, and the first step is always being aware of the sometimes subtle shift in the tone of the conversation. If you sense someone is trying to get you to say something negative, change the subject! Or surprise them and make a positive comment about the situation. Help others see the positive qualities in everything through your conversations.


You will find yourself becoming more and more positive about life yourself as you are constantly seeking out the positive things to say about people and situations.

Step It Up:

Go out of your way to start positive and encouraging conversations. Don't give a conversation the chance to get negative in the first place!

Keep It Simple:

If you have a hard time finding something positive to say, than keep silent or walk away from the conversation. Politely excuse yourself and avoid speaking negatively yourself.

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