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Make A Wish Come True

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has." ~Margaret Mead

It is amazing what a group of people working towards a common goal can accomplish. Harness this power and make someone's wish or dream come true. Find someone, or a family, in need. Get to know them, listen to their hopes and dreams. Find something you can help them accomplish.

Maybe your neighbor is home-bound but has a dream to go skydiving. Or perhaps your friend's daughter is terminally ill but has long-wished for a chance to go to Disney World. In this world of technology that we live in today, many of yesterday's dreams are now possible. You can create a website to raise funds for that trip to Disney World. You can research ways for disabled people to do things they never used to be able to do. Get together with your friends and family and work together to bless someone. Make a wish come true!


This act of kindness will get you thinking outside of yourself. It will help you recognize the needs of others, and you will get great satisfaction out of helping someone accomplish something they never dreamed they could do, or go somewhere they never imagined possible.

Step It Up:

Create a Wish Calendar. Put all of your friends' and family members' wishes on that calendar and help them make those wishes come true! Mark your progress. You could give each month a new wish.

Keep It Simple:

If you are already familiar with someone's dream, help make it happen. Other people are already working to help make wishes come true; find someone who is fund-raising and donate to their cause. Or maybe a good friend has fallen on hard times; help them remodel their bathroom or kitchen, or knock down a wall to give their kids a bigger bedroom. Listen to your loved ones, find a dream, and help them recognize it!

Related Resources:

Visit the Make A Wish foundation website and see how they are working to grant wishes everyday!

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