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Share Your Umbrella

The next time you are stuck in a rain shower take a peak out from under your umbrella and see if there is anyone walking in the same direction as you without an umbrella. Lift up your umbrella a little higher and offer to hold it over them as well. Invite in as many people as will fit under your umbrella.


You, and those around you, will arrive dry at their destination. And you will have a chance to strike up a conversation with some people you may have never met before.

Step It Up:

Nowadays you can buy umbrellas so small they fit in your purse or briefcase. When those umbrellas go on sale, pick up a couple of them. Carry two with you and the next time it rains offer the umbrella to someone else on the street in need of protection from the rain. Don't ask for it back and let them keep it!

Keep It Simple:

When your co-worker is heading home for the day, lend him your umbrella for the evening so he can get safely home.

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