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Buy Dessert for a Stranger

The next time you are eating out at a restaurant with friends or family take a look around you. Find another table that is almost done with their meal. When your waiter next visits your table, tell him or her you would like to buy dessert for the other table. Choose a tasty dessert on the menu, add it to your bill, then tell your waiter to keep it a secret and deliver it to the other table once you are gone. You will make their day and provide a memorable story for both you and them.


Occasionally having dessert after a meal is a wonderful treat. Be spontaneous and give that treat to someone else!

Step It Up:

Choose a big table with a lot of guests and order a couple of desserts for them. Make this a practice whenever you eat out! Buy dessert, coffee, a soda, an appetizer or drink for someone you don't know every time you dine out of the house or visit a coffee shop.

Keep It Simple:

Invite someone you know over for dinner and bake their favorite dessert for them as a surprise. Bring cookies or brownies with you to a doctor's appointment or to the post office and leave some for the people who help you.

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