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Clean Graffiti

Graffiti can be a constant eye-sore in a lot of communities. Whether you live in the city or suburbs, you've probably encountered your fair share of graffiti, and the majority of the time graffiti is not uplifting or encouraging. Rather than wait for someone else to clean it or paint over it, volunteer to do it yourself.

Perhaps a street sign or building downtown has been defaced by graffiti. Or even your neighbor's garage door. Either way, take a step towards making this world more beautiful and offer to clean it up.


When you clean graffiti you are taking a stand towards keeping your community clean and safe.

Step It Up:

Invite others to join you in this task. You could even make it a community project and ask your neighbors to join you in helping make your town or city more beautiful. Dedicate one Saturday each season to cleaning graffiti.

Keep It Simple:

There are many ways to help keep your community clean. If you do not have the right supplies for cleaning graffiti, make it a priority to clean your local park or street of litter.

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Check out some of these methods to cleaning graffiti and removing graffiti.

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