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Adopt a Star

This is a great way to let a loved one know they are special to you: adopt a start in their name! There are numerous organizations that provide this service, but a couple of them are non-profits and the fee you pay to adopt the star will actually go to supporting scientific research on the stars you adopt.


If you go through a non-profit, you get twice the satisfaction! You are surprising your loved one with an adopted star in their name, as well as supporting scientific research. This is a unique and thoughtful gift.

Step It Up:

If you are an adult, think about adopting a couple of stars located close together in honor of your family.

If you are a student, get your classmates together and adopt a star for your science teacher! Perhaps do a fundraiser at school to buy a new telescope so you can see the star you adopted.

Keep It Simple:

Adopting a star takes very little time. You can even do it on the internet in just a couple of minutes. Research which organization you like best and adopt a star!

Related Resources:

Adopt a Star and donate to scientific research at the same time through the Pale Blue Dot Project.

Learn more about your universe and view beautiful photographs through Google Sky.

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