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Donate Old Sports Equipment

Did you know that some parents won't sign their kids up for youth sport leagues because they know they cannot cover the cost of the equipment their kids will need to have in order to join the team? Think about it for a minute: if your son plays football you have to buy helmet, pads, cleats, jerseys, pants and a football. Or if you daughter plays soccer it's shin-guards, cleats, soccer ball, and uniform. For baseball or softball it is the same thing--cleats, uniform, bat, ball, glove, etc.

Next time you or your child outgrows an old pair of cleats, think twice about throwing them away. Donate them! If you know of someone in need, offer them your equipment for free. If you don't know someone personally, there are a number of used sporting goods stores you can donate your items to so others can buy them at reduced cost.


More children and adults will be able to play and enjoy sports if they don't have to worry about purchasing the proper equipment. You are giving someone a chance to learn and participate that would not be able to otherwise.

Step It Up:

Contact the individuals who run the league you or your children participate in. During the off-season see if you can set up an used-equipment drive among all the teams in your league. Before the next season starts, hold a kick-off event where families in need can come and pick up the used equipment for free.

Keep It Simple:

Be willing to lend equipment to friends and neighbors. Let someone borrow your bike or your basketball for an afternoon.

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