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Donate Your Vehicle

Do you have a vehicle you don't need or want? Maybe your car just died and it is so old it isn't worth it to pay to fix it. Or perhaps you inherited a vehicle from a relative who can no longer drive. Before you immediately decide to sell it, consider donating it to a local charity.

You can donate your vehicle whether it is running properly or not. Many nonprofit organizations appreciate donated vehicles as a way to help with transportation challenges and costs. Or, if your vehicle isn't running smoothly anymore, you can still donate it for the parts. Many fire departments also accept donated vehicles; if they are no longer running properly they will use them to help train new fire-fighters how to put out car and truck fires. There are also a lot of individuals out there who could use a car or truck but who do not have the means to purchase one; you could also think about donating your vehicle to a friend or family member in need.


Donating a vehicle helps build a community in many ways. It helps the recipients by providing them transportation or much-needed parts they need to make their own car run. It helps charities by providing a "company car" or additional income they would not ordinarily receive. The donors gain satisfaction in knowing they gave something away freely that is helping others.

Step It Up:

Make a commitment to donate your old vehicle every time you purchase a new vehicle, rather than "trading in" the old one. Take a moment to consider if you actually need all the vehicles you currently own. If you have two or more, talk with your family and see if you could get by with less. If so, donate a vehicle!

Keep It Simple:

Offer a ride to someone who doesn't have a car. If they try and pay you for the cost of the gas, don't accept it. Give them this ride for free.

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