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Clean Your Friend's House

Offer to help clean your friend's home. Perhaps they are busy with two jobs and three kids and just haven't had time to clean. Make the decision to go over to their home one day and vacuum, do the dishes and laundry, or clean the bathrooms.

Or perhaps your friends just moved out of an apartment and don't have time to clean it before they leave for their new home. Offer to stay behind and clean it up. Cleaning someone's home is a true act of service and one that will not be forgotten.


A clean house makes everything better. It is easier to cook dinner if the pots are already clean and ready to go. It is easier to get the kids dressed and out the door if their clothes are clean, folded and put away in the right places. It is easy to relax in the evening when the floors have been vacuumed and the pillows are in place on the couch. You are helping make someone's life easier and more fulfilling by spending just an hour or two of your time helping your friend.

Step It Up:

When you go over to your friends house to clean, bring a meal along as well. Let them know you put it in the refrigerator or freezer and that they have one less meal to cook that week. Or bring some flowers to help brighten up the place.

Keep It Simple:

Let someone borrow your vacuum or other cleaning equipment and supplies to clean their home. Sometimes simply not having the right supplies can make cleaning much more daunting than necessary.

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