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Build a House

Help build a house for someone in need with Habitat for Humanity. Donate as little as one Saturday of your time and you can say you helped build a home for someone. Or you can help with home repairs or re-modeling. There are numerous ways to get involved with Habitat for Humanity.


Research shows that nearly 2 billion people around the world live in slum housing and over 100 million are homeless. By participating with Habitat for Humanity, you are giving someone the gift of a place to call home. You are helping to provide shelter to those in need, and letting the recipients know that they matter and are welcome in your community.

Step It Up:

Become an advocate for Habitat for Humanity. Tell everyone you know about the program and invite them to participate. Sign up to help build a house, but also sign up to help with their home outlet stores. Donate housing materials and tools you don't need. When you go to build a house, bring snacks to share with the other volunteers and staff.

Keep It Simple:

If you are short on time and resources, encouragement will do! Simply take the time to thank the staff and volunteers at your local Habitat for Humanity office. Let them know that the work they do is important. And perhaps the next time a neighbor needs a hand fixing the sink or maintaining the yard, offer to help.

Related Resources:

Visit Habitat for Humanity International for more information about the homes they build around the world.

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