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Adopt a Highway

If you and your company, sports team, or church are passionate about keeping your community clean, you should think about participating in one of the "Adopt a Highway" programs. You can adopt a section of the highway, interstate or even local back roads in your area. Make your passion for keeping your community clean visible on a large scale.

Let those around you know that you care about your community and that you are taking a stand against littering. With most adopt-a-highway programs you don't actually participate in the physical cleaning, rather you sponsor a team of trained individuals to go out on your behalf and clean up the roadways. With the sponsorship, you receive a sign on the highway or interstate saying that you are helping keep that section of the road clean. This sign also helps raise awareness of the program, and it encourages other people to make a similar stand.


By adopting a highway you are helping to keep the community clean, but you are also raising awareness regarding the issue of littering and encouraging other people to step up and stop littering as well.

Step It Up:

Become a voice for the adopt a highway program. Wherever you are, if you see litter, pick it up and take it to the nearest trash can to dispose of. It may be in your local park or even on the sidewalk to your house. If you see litter, don't just ignore it. Pick it up!

Related Resources:

Learn more about the history of the Adopt a Highway program.

There are multiple programs nationwide for adopting a highway; check out these links: Adopt A Highway Maintenance Corporation, Adopt A Highway Litter Removal Service.

To find a local division, simply research on the internet your location name and "adopt a highway."

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