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Pet-Sit for Free

For pet-owners, one of the most stressful things about planning a vacation is the ever-present question "What are we going to do with the pets while we are gone?" There are many boarding facilities that offer wonderful accommodations for pets but they can be expensive, especially if you are planning to be gone for a week or more.

Wouldn't it be wonderful if a friend or family member offered to watch your pets for free while you were gone? If it would be nice for you, it would probably be nice for them, too! The next time your friend tells you they are going away for a few days, offer to watch their pets for them! They will be surprised and touched by the kind gesture.


By pet-sitting for free you are helping your friend save money, ensuring them that their pets will be well taken care of with lots of personal attention while they are gone. Leaving a pet with a familiar face helps put the owner, the pet, and pet-sitter at ease.

Step It Up:

Instead of just offering to stop by the house each day and walk the dog or play with the cats or feed the fish, volunteer to pick up their mail, put out their trash, and make sure their lights are off. Or, volunteer to let the pets stay with you at your home, giving them even more attention that just a walk or two a day.

Keep It Simple:

Even if you're not up for watching someone's pets for an extended period of time, you can still help in small ways. Offer to let their dog out to use the bathroom if you know they are going to be out late one night. Or perhaps the next time you are at the store pick up a cat toy and give it to your friend who loves cats.

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