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Bring In Your Neighbor's Trash Cans

Often times an empty garbage container is light enough to be tossed around by the wind. Sometimes they end up in frustrating locations; they roll across the street, or down a driveway blocking the path of the cars trying to drive past or park. On "trash day" in your neighborhood, why not save your neighbor the trouble of jogging down the street to retrieve their empty garbage cans and simply pick it up and bring it in for them?

It will only take a couple of extra minutes if you pick it up just after you pick yous up. Just move it out of harms way, up their driveway. This is particularly helpful if your neighbors are gone for a couple of days.


Taking in your neighbors garbage cans will help keep your streets clean and obstacle-free, not only for your neighbors, but for you as well.

Step It Up:

The morning of garbage day, offer to take their garbage out to the side of the road as well. Then, without asking, just bring the garbage cans back up after the garbage has been picked up. This is a very kind act to do if your neighbors are elderly.

Keep It Simple:

Pick up any stray trash that may have escaped the garbage truck and is now littering the sidewalk.

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