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Offer to Work Late

Balancing life is never easy. Family, work, friends, exercise, school, chores, and errands all demand our attention. Everyone has days where we wish we had an extra couple of hours to get everything done. Next time a friend or co-worker is looking pretty frazzled, offer to help.

Perhaps your co-worker is trying to finish a last minute project and just had twenty revisions given to her; offer to help her with those revisions, even if it means staying late. Or maybe you friend needs to pick up his kids from school, but hasn't had a chance to finish the PowerPoint presentation for your boss. Offer to come in early the next morning and work on the presentation with him. If your friend has a family emergency and needs someone to cover her shift at the last minute, offer to cover for her,

even if you've already worked a full week.


You are helping someone in need. Perhaps it is someone you know quite well, or maybe it is someone who just started a few weeks ago and you haven't had a chance to spend time with them yet. Either way, offering to help will only bring you to a closer relationship with those around you.

Step It Up:

Make it known to some of your good friends and co-workers that if they ever need a hand you will help them out, no questions asked. Perhaps you could stay late for a week teaching a new program to a co-worker, or tutoring a new employee on the ways of the office. Help them feel comfortable and supported. They will work better, and you will, too!

Keep It Simple:

Don't have time to stay late? Then make it easier for your co-workers who are burning the midnight oil. Offer to run out and grab them so lunch so they can continue to work uninterrupted. Or order some pizza for them as they prepare to stay late for the evening.

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