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Pay Someone's Toll

We've all been there: waiting in a long line of cars at a toll booth, sometimes for up to an hour or more, simply waiting to pay our toll so we can get on to our destination. Traffic on a summer weekend or during the holidays can be awful. Why not make someone's experience a little more pleasant and pay their toll for them?


The best benefit of paying the toll for the person behind you is the satisfaction of knowing you've made three people's day brighter: yours, the toll booth attendant's, and the passengers in the vehicle behind you! And if you have kids in the car, this is a great way to teach them a lesson on kindness and generosity.

Step It Up:

Toll booths aren't the only places you can pay for the person behind you. Next time you pull into a drive-through restaurant, pay the bill for the person behind you. You can do the same at a parking garage or a National Park. Any place that has an entrance or exit fee is an opportunity to be kind to someone by paying their way.

Keep It Simple:

If you don't have any extra cash, offer the toll booth attendant a snack! Most everyone who is traveling long distances will have some sort of food in the car. Offer some to the attendant!

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