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Leave a Generous Tip

Next time you eat at a restaurant, leave a generous tip as a surprise for your waiter or waitress. Or next time you get coffee or ice cream somewhere, look for a tip jar and leave more than just the change from your transaction. Why not throw in an extra dollar or two? You are bound to make someone's day when you tip more than expected.


Often waitstaff is paid minimally with the expectation that they will make the majority of their salary in tips. When you leave a generous tip you will make their day. And most likely you will leave the restaurant with a big smile on your face, too. It feels good to give! Be generous.

Step It Up:

Commit to leaving a generous tip before you even enter the restaurant. That way your tip will be truly be coming from the desire to be kind, rather than based on the quality of the service. Another idea--don't limit tipping just to restaurant staff! Give generously the next time you get a haircut, a massage, or when you pay a babysitter.

Keep It Simple:

You don't have to go crazy, just an extra dollar or two will make someone's day. Or if you are short on cash, go out of your way to find the manager let him or her know how much you appreciated your waiter or waitress.

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