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Wash a Car

Wash a car for a friend or family member for free! Has a friend of yours recently returned from a long trip with a filthy car? Offer to wash it for them! Or surprise your parents by washing their car for them while they are out of the house. Do you know someone who is trying to sell their vehicle? Offer to wash it for them to help them sell it.

Often times we are all much too busy to think about washing our cars and as a result they remain last on our list of things to do. Or we think "I'll just wait for a really good rain storm to clean it off."  How wonderful would it be if someone washed it for you? Why not give that gift to someone else?


Washing a car helps keep it looking presentable. And if you wash it on a hot day, a quick splash of the hose is a great way to stay cool!

Step It Up:

Why stop with just the outside of the car? Take it to a local do-it-yourself car wash facility--often they have vacuuming machines you can use to clean out the inside of the car, too.

Keep It Simple:

A lot of gas stations these days have five dollar car washes you can drive your car through. Offer to fill up your friend's car with gas and then tag on a car wash as well!

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