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Knit a Scarf

Knit something for a friend, family member, or cause! Scarves, mittens, hats, socks, and sweaters all make great gifts, and even more so when they are knit with love by a good friend. Knitting can be easy or challenging, which makes it a great activity for people of all ages, from kids to grandparents.

You can knit something for a close friend or family member, or you could knit something for someone you don't know. Many hospitals appreciate warm hats for newborns and other patients. There are also many organizations out there that collect warm clothing for people in need around the world. In addition to donating some old coats or boots, why not knit something new and special to send? It might just end up being the most beautiful thing someone owns!


Knitting can be a great way to build community. Often schools, churches, knitting and craft stores, and even some towns offer knitting clubs. It is also something you can do on your own to help you relax while you watch television or listen to the radio. It has been said that knitting has a calming effect on some individuals and that it offers a great sense of accomplishment when a knitting project is completed. Not to mention you'll be helping keep others warm when you give your kniting away!

Step It Up:

Love to knit? Start a knitting club in your area, or offer to host an existing club at your house. As a group, decide on something you'd like to do together to benefit others. You could either sell your knitted goods and give the benefits to charity, or you could donate your knitting to a local shelter or send them to people in need all around the globe.

Keep It Simple:

Never knit before? No desire to learn? Then sponsor someone who does! Offer to buy yarn for someone who is committed to knitting for a cause.

Related Resources:

New to Knitting? Visit Knitting Help and learn some pointers. They even offer free videos to help teach you how to knit.

The internet is full of free knitting patterns

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24 days ago
When my son was a baby we had to spend some time staying at a hospital. One day some people stopped by with some hand-made blankets for us to pick from. It made the room feel much more like home and I used it while napping in the chair next to his crib. Later someone noticed the blanket at our home and liked it so I gave it to her to enjoy. Hand knitting a blanket can truly have a positive impact!
Susan Lewinski

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