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Be a Fundraiser

What cause speaks to your heart? Are you passionate about education? Finding a cure for cancer? Saving animals? Raising awareness for a specific disease or situation? Helping natural disaster victims? It seems these days everyone has a cause they care deeply about. Find yours and do a fundraiser for it!

Hold a bake sale and send the proceeds to the organization you stand behind. Run a race in honor of someone in your family who has battled cancer. If your cause is more well known and there are already fundraisers in place, then dive in and help them out behind the scenes with event planning or management. No matter what your skill sets are, or how much money you have, you can be a fundraiser! There are so many ways to give.


Raising funds for someone or something other than yourself is a powerful thing. It makes you a part of something bigger than yourself, it helps build community, and it helps you recognize the many blessings you already have that you may not be aware of. Not to mention that the money you raise for the cause you believe in will help further that cause and make more people aware.

Step It Up:

Volunteer to head up a project or event for the cause you feel most passionate about. Go out of your way to encourage the staff associated with the cause you are promoting. Often causes are non-profit organizations and they wouldn't be able to function with out the help of their volunteers. So let them know you appreciate them and all they do! Bring coffee or treats to a weekly meeting. Or even just send a note of thanks. If you really want to make an impact, think about making a monthly donation.

Keep It Simple:

Don't have a lot of money to give? No problem. Sometimes awareness is even more effective than money. If there is a cause you feel passionate about, share it with your friends and family. Make them aware of how you are feeling! For your birthday, ask others to make a donation in your name in lieu of a gift.

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