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Make Time for Silly

Is your schedule jam-packed with school, work, family, friends, chores, homework, sports, piano name it? Well, why not make a little time for just being silly? Let loose a little and enjoy life again!

Ways you can do this:

  • Make your friends laugh
  • In the car, throw on a fun CD and sing at the top of your lungs.
  • Skip down the sidewalk instead of walk
  • Tickle your siblings or parents
  • If you find something funny, laugh! Don't ignore it because you are in a rush to get somewhere.
  • Tell a knock-knock joke
  • Watch a silly movie
  • Have a two-minute dance party in your office. Invite your co-workers to join you.


Laughter--often the result of being silly--is known to help us reduce stress and feel better. Laughter actually helps reduce the levels of stress hormones and increase the level of health-enhancing hormones. Laughter connects you with your friends, and even sometimes with strangers! It helps you  build community. Being silly can offer a welcome distraction from the craziness of life. So just let it out, and laugh!

Step It Up:

Love being silly? Do one thing everyday! Challenge yourself and see how many people you can make laugh in a day!

Keep It Simple:

Are you a planner? Invite a couple of friends to a game night once a month.

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