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Adopt a Pet

Have you ever thought of owning a pet? Before visiting a breeder, why not check out your local animal shelters? Cats and dogs of all shapes, sizes and personalities are available, ready and waiting for their forever homes!


Adopting a pet offers an abandoned pet another chance at life. Often shelters are over-crowded and not able to take in more animals. Take one off their hands and give it a home! Also, individuals and families who own dogs are often more active, taking their dogs for multiple walks a day. And pets are great reminders to enjoy the little things in life: rolling in the grass, playing ball, a good belly or ear scratch, chasing toys. Who can resist a soft, purring, ball of fur curled up next to you on the couch? No one!

Step It Up:

When you go to adopt a pet, bring a friend or two with you! Maybe they will bring home a pet, too! And then your pets will always have someone to play with. Also be sure to check your local shelter's website, as many offer fundraisers for their facilities: a road race, a cook-off, a bake sale. Participate in one of their fundraisers or create your own and donate the money to the shelter!

Keep It Simple:

Aren't sure you're ready to take the plunge and bring a pet home? Volunteer at the shelter! They are always looking for people to walk dogs or play with cats. Enjoy the animals and help the shelter. Why not bring the staff some cookies to say thanks while you're at it?

Related Resources:

Visit Petfinder or Adopt a Pet to find a pet available for adoption in your town! Look online for the local animal shelters in your area and get involved.

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