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Do A Household Chore For Someone

Many households develop routines and responsibilities over time. Often those responsibilities are not volunteered for as much as they just "fall" on someone to do. Offer to do a chore or just do it anonymously.

Routines can become tedious and unappreciated tasks. It is uplifting when those efforts are acknowledged and appreciated. And it can really put a smile on someone's face if you occasionally just do a chore that someone else in the household normally does. It demonstrates appreciation and acknowledges their efforts as well as relieves them for a time. It can be especially helpful if the person is extra busy or stressed for other reasons. Here are some examples of typical household chores:

  • Clearing and washing dishes
  • Preparing meals
  • Taking out trash
  • Doing yard work
  • Doing house work and cleaning
  • Caring for pets

Step It Up

Offer to take over a task permanently. Imagine the surprise and joy of a parent when a child offers to clear the dishes from now on. Or offer to do a large-scale task that everyone dreads. Things like "clean the garage" or organize a messy room or storage space.

Keep It Simple

If you see someone wrapping up a trash bag offer to take it outside or replace the bag. Or just pitch in when someone else is making a meal.


Pitching in and changing up the routine will go a long way toward strengthening family and household relationships. It says "I know you work hard - let me help you". It can also be a big relief in times of stress or when someone is under a time crunch.

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