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Arrive on Time

Whether you're at school, at home or at play, using good manners will make people enjoy being around you! And what better way to display good manners than arriving on time wherever you are meant to be?

When you arrive on time to class, you are respecting your teacher and your fellow students. You are respecting your friends when you show up to dinner or a study group on time. You are respecting your teammates and your coach when you arrive to games and practice on time. Being punctual is one of the best habits you can have.


By arriving on time to an event, to work, to school, to a friend's house, to practice, or to meet someone for coffee or dinner, you are showing the others that you are meeting with that their time matters to you, that they matter to you. You know they are busy so you aren't going to make them wait needlessly for you to arrive. You aren't going to waste their time. Showing up on time is a sign of respect. It is also a sign that you are trustworthy. You arrive when you say you will be there; you are keeping your word.

Step It Up:

Time management can be difficult. We all struggle to balance life! Calendars, schedules and to-do lists can help. Make an effort to write down appointments and keep a calendar. Be sure to look at that calendar each night and review the day ahead. Plan out the best way to get to school, work, or practice on time. Share your calendar with your family and friends so they know when they can expect you to be free, or when you are trying to do too much (which often leads to being perpetually late!). Get organized.

Keep It Simple:

Sometimes things come up that you can't avoid and they make you late: the weather turns ugly; an accident on the road; the babysitter is late; or your child gets sick at school. These things happen all the time! Don't beat yourself up, but do have the courtesy to call ahead to the person you are meeting and let them know you are going to be late. Be aware that this takes some planning too, though: be sure to keep the contact information for your friends and family somewhere easy to find so you can call them if your plans change.

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