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Obey the Rules at School

Sometimes it might seem like there are too many rules everywhere - at home, at school, in the games we play.

Sometimes it might seem OK to break the rules at school, since your parents aren't there, or because other kids are encouraging your to break them. But rules are actually put in place to keep people safe, and at school, rules are supposed to help you and your classmates learn. It doesn't make you a bad person if you break a rule by accident, but try your hardest to remember and follow all the rules while you're at school.


Following the rules while you're at school is important, because it keeps you and your classmates safe! Breaking the rules in your classroom, like being loud during class can be distracting to your classmates. So when you follow the rules, you'll actually be helping your classmates learn.

Step It Up

Don't just follow the rules at school, be a role model to your friends and classmates by encouraging them to obey them too. Be a leader and follow the rules!

Keep It Simple

Be cool by following the rules!

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