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Let Your Teacher Know You Appreciate Him or Her

Teachers appreciate being appreciated, for teacher appreciation is their highest award. - William Prince

One of the greatest things a student can do for a teacher is thank them for the time they put into their teaching. Being a teacher takes a lot of patience, so find a creative way to show your teachers know how much you appreciate the effort they put into your education!


Giving a sincere thanks to your teacher will inspire him or her to continue helping children learn.

Step It Up

Make a special craft or baked treat for your teacher! Or bring a card to school and ask your classmates to sign it. You can do this for Teacher Appreciation Day, or any day! It doesn't need to be a special occasion.

Keep It Simple

Show your teacher your appreciation by being helpful in the classroom. You can help hand out tests or offer to wipe off the desks in your classroom during lunch.

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