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Start a Kindness Club

What if you could help make the world a friendlier, safer place to live? Well you can, just by sharing kindness with your friends!

You can do this by making a commitment to doing more good deeds in your everyday life, or taking it one step further and spreading the word about kindness by starting a kindness club.


Sharing the benefits of kindness with your friends will encourage them to help others, creating a network of people who are willing to help others! You and your friends can share ideas on how to be kind and provide inspiration for each other.

Step It Up

Start a kindness club at your school. Invite your classmates to discuss everyday ways to be kind. Here are some ways your kindness club can spread the word about kindness:

  • Organize food or clothing drives or other events to help needy kids.
  • Fundraise money to provide education for poor children in other countries.
  • Make t-shirts for your kindness club, to show people your commitment to helping others.
  • Give out pencils or candy to your classmates.

Keep It Simple

Share kindness with those around you, just by being kind! Your actions will influence your friends to be kind as well.

Related Resources

  • Visit Global Giving to find a charity that benefits kids around the world.
  • Check out Rachel's Challenge to see what some students are doing to start the chain reaction of kindness.

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