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Pay Attention In Class

School can be a fun place for you to interact and play with your friends, but the main reason your parents send you to school is so you can learn.

The best way to learn is by paying attention in class, so try your best to sit still and listen to your teacher, and save your games and jokes to share with your friends at recess.


Sitting still and being alert in class is not only the best way to learn, it’s also a way for you to show your respect for your teacher and classmates. Being disruptive in class can be stressful to your teacher and distracting to your classmates who are trying to learn.

Step It Up

Paying attention in class means doing your best to learn and help others learn. Not being disruptive is important, but participating in class is also important. So make an effort to be an active participant in your classroom. Ask questions about things you don’t understand, and answer questions when without having to be called on.

Keep It Simple

Be kind to your teachers and your classmates by listening to your teacher and obeying the rules in your classroom.

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3 months ago
This one sounds difficult, especially for someone who's easy to fall asleep like me. I try to stay awake and take note, though.
Tika Sari

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