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Help Keep Your School Clean

Did you know that how clean your school is can affect how well you learn? Keeping your school clean can actually help you perform better academically, because there will be fewer distractions and fewer germs.

Help keep your school clean by picking up trash you see on the playground and wiping your feet before coming inside so you don’t track mud into the classroom. Keeping your school clean also means cleaning up after yourself. After lunch or a snack, be sure to throw away your trash. You'll be doing a kind act for those around you, including the school janitor!


In addition to adding to a positive learning environment, doing your part to tidy up your school and simply cleaning up after yourself will also show others that you are a responsible person. And it’s a great way be a good role model to your friends and classmates!

Step It Up

Go the extra mile to keep your school clean! Volunteer to wash tables in the cafeteria after lunch, or organize a group of friends to clean your classroom or pick up trash on the playground on a weekend.

Keep It Simple

Be mindful of picking up after yourself, whether you’re on the playground, eating lunch, or just in class.

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