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Lend a Pencil to Someone

At some point or another, most of us have felt the pressure of arriving to a class or a test and realizing that we don’t have a pencil handy!

For many people, this situation can be stressful or even embarrassing. And for people who don’t have friends in their classes, it can be incredibly hard to ask a stranger if they can borrow a pencil, even if it is a trivial item. Make it easier for your classmates by being the first person to offer them a pencil -and a smile- when they need one.


If you make an effort to be kind, even in small matters, it will most likely carry over into more important issues in your life. And don’t forget that even the simple act of kindness will be remembered. Maybe the person you are kind to will be encouraged to pass on your act of kindness.

Step It Up

Keep an extra stash of pencils in your desk or backpack. That way, when you notice a classmate who doesn’t have a writing utensil, you can offer him or her one of yours – to keep!

Keep It Simple

Next time someone asks you if they can borrow a pencil, lend them one of yours without a second thought. And be polite!

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