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Say Something Nice About Someone

How often do you find yourself in a situation where people are saying mean things about someone else, behind his or her back? It might happen at school, during your soccer or baseball practice, or when you’re playing at a friend’s house.

No matter where it is, it’s easy to give in to pressure and go along with what the people around you are doing and join in criticizing or making fun of someone else. But the kind thing to do in that situation is stick up for the person who is being gossiped about, and find something nice to say about them.


You wouldn’t want your friends or classmates saying mean things about you behind your back, and going along with peer pressure won’t necessarily make people like you better. Refraining from gossip and sticking up for others will make you a more trustworthy person and keep your friendships strong. And when you stand up for someone, you’ll be setting an example and your friends will be encouraged to do the same.

Step It Up

If you overhear your friends saying something bad about someone else behind their back, refrain from joining in the gossip. Instead say something nice about the person who they are talking about, and try to change the subject.

Keep It Simple

Be careful of the friends you choose. Instead of hanging out with kids who constantly gossip or make fun of people, choose kind, caring friends.

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