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Weed a Flower Bed

The surrounding atmosphere can be a very important factor in building a strong and successful community.

Flower gardens can do wonders for our communities. Everyone delights in seeing or smelling beautiful flowers. But maintaining a flower bed or garden can be a ton of work, especially for someone who works full time, or an elderly person who may not have the energy he or she once had. You can help keep your community beautiful by helping weed flower gardens.


If you’re someone who doesn’t spend a lot of time outside, weeding a garden is perfect occasion to soak up some vitamin D and have fun! If you don’t know much about plants or flowers, this might be your chance to learn about them and their characteristics. Maybe you can grow your own one day!

Step It Up

Organize a group volunteer trip to weed a flower bed or garden at your local park or community center. Invite your friends, classmates or even turn it into a fun family weekend. Get your hands dirty, and have fun!

Keep It Simple

Ask a parent or neighbor if you can help them weed or plant a flower bed. Enjoy the nature around you while you lend a hand.

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