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Hand Out "Help Coupons"

Make your own coupons that can be redeemed for free help and then hand them out to your family and friends! Make a coupon for free dish-washing, vacuuming the house, a homemade dinner, free pet-sitting, or babysitting, etc. Tailor them to fit your friends' needs! If your best friend hates to do laundry, give him or her a coupon for one free load of laundry. Pick it up, take it to the laundromat, fold it and bring it back!


Helping others is an easy way to help spread kindness. Chances are your coupons will inspire your friends and family to do their own coupons! These make a great "anytime" gift, but they also work well for birthdays or holidays when you are tight on cash.

Step It Up:

Instead of making just one helping coupon, make a booklet of coupons for your friend or family member. And don't ask for the coupons back once they have been redeemed! Let them use it again.

Keep It Simple:

You don't need a physical coupon to help others! When you hear that one of your friends is struggling to make ends meet, or is having a hard time balancing their priorities, let them know you are there to help! You can make dinner while they study, or do laundry while they make dinner. "Borrow" their vehicle and fill it up with gas and groceries while you are out.

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