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Unplug Outlets When You Go To Sleep Or Leave The House

Do you ever consider how much energy you are using when you aren’t even home? Reduce your carbon footprint by saving energy when you can!

Phantom power is known as the energy used to power appliances and gadgets when they are turned off but plugged in. It is estimated (by HowStuffWorks) that all these ‘sleeping’ products drawing power can take up to 10% of your home’s energy usage. Imagine the money you could save by being a bit more environmentally conscious!

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4 months ago
Turn off the unnecessary devices, dont keep your electronic devices charging all night long, save electricity, save money, save envrionment...
Shilpa Shinde

7 months ago
Unplugging also makes a healthier environment for those around you, especially when you turn your wifi off at night.
G.M. Kaytlyn

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