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Unplug Outlets When You Go To Sleep Or Leave The House
Do you ever consider how much energy you are using when you aren’t even home? Reduce your carbon footprint by saving energy when you can!

Phantom power is known as the energy used to power appliances and gadgets when they are turned off but plugged in. It is estimated (by HowStuffWorks) that all these ‘sleeping’ products drawing power can take up to 10% of your home’s energy usage. Imagine the money you could save by being a bit more environmentally conscious!


Unplugging also makes a healthier environment for those around you, especially when you turn your wifi off at night.
over 4 years ago

Turn off the unnecessary devices, dont keep your electronic devices charging all night long, save electricity, save money, save envrionment...
over 4 years ago

Car sharing, going plastic free, recycling, keeping scraps for farm animals at local farms, offering to help farmers during lambing season if ewes aren’t coping with their new baby’s (hand rearing) taking a garbage/rubbish bag and picking up rubbish when you take your dog for a walk/go for a walk. Picking up rusbbish off the beach, buying food or tea/coffee for homeless person... and sooooooooo many other ways to make a difference!!
over 3 years ago

When I visit my Mother at night I make sure toaster oven and coffee make is unplugged
over 2 years ago

Unplugged all unused appliences
over 2 years ago

Save energy by unplugging appliances when not in use
over 2 years ago

Coffee pot unplugged
over 2 years ago

I thought I was the only one who unplugged when I went out. Especially if I go away on Retreat I try to unplug just about everything in my house that doesn't have a clock on it. I just thought that was a good idea. I also tend to do it at work and at other places as well
over 1 year ago

i only use electric when needed
7 months ago

This is a must and it will shave a bit of your energy bill. If you have many appliances together or in places that are difficult to reach buy an SMART POWER STRIP, it cuts off all current going to the outlet. No more “vampires” of energy and it’s easy. Don’t unplug your refrigerator please 🤗 check out the info about Smart Power Strips on
5 months ago