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Respect Wildlife

When you are out in nature, you are imposing on the natural habitat of many species. Be sure to be respectful of all the wild animals you see by observing at a distance, not feeding them, and leaving no trace.

Not only can you put yourself in danger by approaching wildlife, but it could negatively impact the animal as well. You never know if a wild animal has medical issues or possibly even rabies. Plus, loud, unfamiliar noises can stress out an animal, which can cause them to flee from their home. Remember you are a visitor: secure your food, pack in/pack out, and enjoy the natural beauty of wildlife from afar.

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5 months ago
I was raised with this idea, so I thought it was strange when I went hiking with some friends and they made so much noise and moved things around. Over the years I've learned that a lot of people weren't taught to respect other animals' habitats, and that we need to teach those humans this.
Alanna Hoffman

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