Kindness Ideas

Respect Wildlife
When you are out in nature, you are imposing on the natural habitat of many species. Be sure to be respectful of all the wild animals you see by observing at a distance, not feeding them, and leaving no trace.

Not only can you put yourself in danger by approaching wildlife, but it could negatively impact the animal as well. You never know if a wild animal has medical issues or possibly even rabies. Plus, loud, unfamiliar noises can stress out an animal, which can cause them to flee from their home. Remember you are a visitor: secure your food, pack in/pack out, and enjoy the natural beauty of wildlife from afar.


I was raised with this idea, so I thought it was strange when I went hiking with some friends and they made so much noise and moved things around. Over the years I've learned that a lot of people weren't taught to respect other animals' habitats, and that we need to teach those humans this.
over 4 years ago

Add the phone number of your nearest wildlife sanctuary to your Mobile in case you come across an injured creature.
over 3 years ago

Wildlife is such an important part to our planet, and we have to respect it. Whether it's a bird nest, coral on a reef, or a baby tree or bush. Yeah, and when you see an animal that might be a little "scary", that's no need to kill it, they're alive too, you know!!! So next time you see a caterpillar, DON'T step on it, OK ?!!?! Thanks Guys 👍
about 3 years ago

I was taught by my mom to throw bread crusts outside to the birds especially in the Winter months, once years ago I saw a sale on bread at the grocery store for 10 loaves of bread for $10.00, I bought 10 loaves and threw them outside and I pulled the slices of bread into small pieces , the birds were famished and flew down immediately in droves, I was glad I fed the birds and I did for a long time after that and my mom would buy bird seed, too and we had a bird bath we filled with water each Spring and Summer! The red birds are beautiful each Winter when we see them and they cheer us up!
almost 3 years ago

Make sure to take any trash with you and throw it out later.
over 2 years ago

I show great kindness and respect to my lovely dog Dixie. She came to me from a no-kill shelter. Many people meet Dixie in my studio and I encourage others to adopt from the shelter too.
over 2 years ago

We have adopted three cats and one dog from shelters in our area. We have given them a good home and they give us their love and affection.
almost 2 years ago

In last 5 years of living here have helped many injured ani and cats in next doors garden that had a litter of kittens near his shed got saved by animal protection groups in area as was a major thunder storm next day and that could have drowned or killed them as were not there kittens or cats had to be helped as not ours I could not keep them as would have been awkward but they were safe and looked after and doing very well and got a loving family now
almost 2 years ago

Only when we respect other life, is when we’ll more truly see it. And, the beauty therein
5 months ago

I went to a small beach the day after New Year’s Eve, and sadly there was trash lying around that I assume was from the night before when people were celebrating New Year’s Eve. My mom took me back home so I could get gloves and something to use to safely clean up the trash. To be sure I didn’t come into direct contact with any of it I wore gloves and used a stick that has claws at the bottom of it to pick up the trash and put it in the trash can. It felt great knowing that my efforts helped reduce risks to animals, birds, fish, all marine life and the environment!
6 months ago

Add to your yard kindness to wildlife! Grow lavender or other plants that feed bees. Put bird feeders in winter months. Try to incorporate native plants and be careful of invasive plants…and try to replace harmful pesticides and fertilizers with organic ones…they not only kill wildlife but also leak into rivers contaminating our food and water 💧
5 months ago