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Leave A Surprise In A Library Book

Kindness sneak attack! Here’s a great RAK if you’re shy or looking to surprise someone with your same taste in literature.

Slipping a dollar bookmark in between the pages is an easy option, though there are tons of free routes to pursue as well. Write a positive message or draw a picture. Even something as simple as “You are awesome and I hope you have a fantastic day!” will be appreciated by a stranger.

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4 months ago
On my friend's 21st birthday, she wanted others to do RAKs instead of giving her presents. So my friends and I left 21 messages in random books in the library, and it was so fun! I'm sure there are still some to this day that haven't been seen. We put the date on the back as well so whoever finds it knows how long it has been waiting for them. :)
Brooke Larson

4 months ago
I leave 4-leaf clovers in cancer books
Ellen Taggart

6 months ago
Love it!!! I’ve seen inspirational quotes put into library books as well.
Karen Stephen

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