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Take out the Trash

Take out the trash without being asked. Sometimes the smallest and easiest tasks are the most meaningful.

Taking out the trash is one of those “dirty” jobs that no one really likes to do.  The task usually falls on one person who regularly empties the can, takes it outside, and replaces a fresh bag.  Taking the initiative and doing the chore without being asked is a kind gesture and surprise to the rest of the people in your household. Even though it is a small act and takes just a few minutes, it makes a big impact on someone else’s day.


Doing an undesirable chore without being asked is a delightful surprise to the people you live with. By helping others, you strengthen relationships and create a happier home environment. It also keeps the house clean and odor free.

Step It Up:

Collect trash from all other areas of the house including bathrooms, bedrooms, and living areas and take it all out at the same time. You could also clean out the inside of the can with soap and hot water. Don’t forget to replace a clean bag!

Keep It Simple:

Take out the trash after a big dinner or party, it will give the host one less task.


Tips on taking out the trash
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