Kindness Ideas

Reply To A Post You Enjoy
We all get in the habit of breezing past content on social media, though it’s actually worth the effort of making the Internet a positive and constructive place.

Even if it’s just a simple “thank you” or tidbit of good feedback, the person behind the post will appreciate your time and effort. Take an extra moment to show you are grateful for the inspiration, information and/or humor they provide in your life. If you get value out of something, let it be known! Simple as that.


Thank you for sharing this idea! I really like how simple this is and the description: "making the Internet a positive and constructive place." This really hit home for me and I definitely want to start commenting more!
over 4 years ago

Well said!
over 3 years ago

That's a fantastic idea,
over 2 years ago

love this
over 2 years ago

I agree! Social media can be such a positive tool to help people feel like they belong to something greater than themselves. To know another person is thinking about you or acknowledges you, makes you feel special. To know someone is praying for you, makes you feel loved.
over 2 years ago

I agree, this is such a simple thing that can make someone's day! One positive comment can go a long way.
about 2 years ago

As a children's author whose book focuses on kindness, I changed my social media name to "Kindness & Stories". I post positive quotes, kindness initiatives from school, and doodles from talented artists. I thank new followers for following me, comment on posts I admire, and only like or follow pages and people that fill me up! It is one way I can make social media more positive.
about 2 years ago

Love it
over 1 year ago

This is great!
over 1 year ago

Im on social media all day but once i found out how much of ur brain sells are getting taken away i started to set a timer and stay on social media for a certen time.
over 1 year ago

I am refraining from posting negative statements. If I can’t say something nice or complimentary, I just scroll on.
over 1 year ago

2021 is my year for posting positive, uplifting, empowering, humorous and all things Pitbull's posts. After all of the negativity of 2020 I decided that I would be positive. The blessing in that is that it has spread to other areas of my life. It is a blessing for me and hopefully those around me.
over 1 year ago

Good idea!! My new goal!!
about 1 year ago

Good idea
12 months ago

I like people's art posts all the time - and reply to one's that seem to be extra special...or someone who needs to know they are good enough.
10 months ago

someone sent me a tiktok which i liked so i commented "this is amazing".
8 months ago

Commenting on people’s posts shows them that you care and recognize them! I think this is so important! Such a small effort but genuinely meaningful to others. It’s more meaningful to them when they read a personalized comment than it is to see random emojis.
8 months ago

I agree!
6 months ago