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Volunteer at a Community Garden

As part of the busy American lifestyle, people tend to rely on processed and fast food, often forgetting about or not making enough time for nutritious eating. It’s no wonder obesity levels continue to rise throughout the country.

Community gardens are a great resource for communities because they offer fresh fruits and vegetables to individuals and families who might not otherwise have the resources to obtain healthy food.


Community gardens often have the power to revitalize a neighborhood, because they create the opportunity for people in a community to come together to beautify their surroundings. They also encourage self-sufficiency and provide families with a cheap nutritious food source.

Step It Up

Make a commitment to volunteer weekly at a local community garden. By taking the time to help plant, care for and harvest food from the garden, you'll be doing a kind act for those who may not be able to afford healthy food.

Keep It Simple

Promote healthy eating in your own family by getting them involved with a garden in your community. Gardening is a fun family activity for all ages and even the pickiest eaters will enjoy eating the fresh produce they helped grow!

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