Kindness Ideas

Praise a Local Business Online
Positive reinforcement should be shared.

Consumers take reviews very seriously, so local businesses rely on members of their community to share the love online! Whether it’s a tasty restaurant in town, awesome hair salon or cool new service, there are plenty of businesses you can help thrive with a simple review.


Even better...mention an employee by name who did a great job!
almost 5 years ago

I admin a local community group on Facebook. I'm going to create a post asking for shout outs for tomorrow.
over 4 years ago

Your local public library is in the business of helping out EVERYONE in the community.
over 3 years ago

We try to talk up our FAVS online… xoxo
about 3 years ago

I love doing this! I also make sure that if I have a grievance with a company, I address them personally rather than leaving a bad review. The world needs more positivity and forgiveness.
5 months ago