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Help End Food Waste

At some point or another, we've all heard our parents remind us of starving children in the world, to remind us of the importance of finishing the food that’s on our plates.

Well, when you waste food, you really could be affecting others in a negative way. Did you know that not eating what’s on your plate can actually harm the environment? Food that is put into landfills is a main source of greenhouse gases in the environment. Think twice before you leave food on your plate. By cleaning your plate, you’ll be keeping the air cleaner and fresher for yourself, others and the generations yet to come.


Not wasting food will save your family money, as wasted food is wasted money. Between 8 and 16 percent of energy used in the U.S every year is from producing, distributing and preserving food. So the less you waste, the less energy will be consumed.

Step It Up

Only fill your plate with as much food as you can eat. Determine how much money you save by not wasting food, and donate it to provide food for a starving child somewhere in the world.

Keep It Simple

Be sure to at what's on your plate, and only serve yourself as much as you can eat. Save leftovers from dinner at home for lunch the next day or take a doggy bag when you go out to eat.

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