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Measure your Carbon Footprint

Do you know how your personal choices can influence how the environment behaves? Do you have habits you can change in order to help the environment?

As our society continues to grow technologically, our carbon footprints are also growing. But many people don't know or care about the impact they have on the environment. To reduce environmental pollution, we must first understand what it is, and the part we play in it.


Since we share the world we live in and the resources it produces with others, being mindful of how we treat the environment is important to those around us. Measuring your carbon footprint is the first step to finding out how you can protect the world you live in

Step it Up

Measure your carbon footprint and make a list of the ways you can help reduce your environmental trail. Tell your friends and family about how their choices can affect the environment. Encourage them to measure their own carbon footprints.

Keep it Simple

Measure your carbon footprint and find out ways you can help reduce environmental pollution.


  • Click here to visit the Nature Conservancy website, where you can calculate your carbon footprint.
  • Visit to learn more about carbon footprints and how you can reduce yours.

  • The EPA Environmental Kids Club is a website where kids can play games and learn about the environment and what they can do to protect it!

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