Frequently Asked Questions

What does RAK stand for?

Excellent question! ‘RAK’ stands for The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation.

Who is RAK?

We’re glad you asked! Established in 1995, RAK is an internationally recognized nonprofit based in Denver, CO. We consist of a small team that is dedicated to inspiring everyone to practice and spread kindness in their own lives. Ultimately, we’re here for the kind-hearted do-gooders who are looking to spread kindness where they can which is why we provide FREE online resources to encourage acts of kindness across the globe (schools, communities, every-day experiences, etc.).

What are RAK’s goals?

Other than to make Earth the kindest planet in the universe? Ultimately, we’re striving to make kindness the standard in every aspect of life. Whether it’s helping a stranger in need on your way to work, instilling the importance of kindness in students in a classroom, or a mutual demonstration of appreciation of those closest to us, our end-goal is to make kindness not an act at all, but a reflex. And to make the need for kindness obsolete by the overwhelming and undeniable presence of it everywhere.

How is RAK funded?

We are very fortunate to receive funding through a private endowment. Because of this, we are unable to accept donations from public or private donors but how kind of you to think of us—we’re blushing!.

How many people work at RAK?

Our little family of four here at RAK is a small but effective team who, with the help of so many others (Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!), works hard to keep kindness alive in schools, homes and communities!

What are RAKtivists?

Random Acts of Kindness activists! Imagine walking into a party with some of the kindest people you could ever imagine meeting. Best party EVER! Basically, all of these awe-inspiring people unite as one community to share kindness stories and ideas in the hopes of making our world a better place and the day-to-day not only rewarding but life-changing. Don’t they sound great?! They are. The best part is you can become one too! Apply to be a RAKtivist.

What is RAK week?

RAK Week is a worldwide celebration of which takes place the second full week of February each year.

What are other important dates for RAK?

Well, every day is an important day for kindness so we strongly encourage it daily. However, there is an internationally- recognized day of kindness on November 13th known as World Kindness Day. Additionally, we have an annual Random Acts of Kindness Week that is held the second week of February! In 2017, it will take place February 12th through 18th. Actually, now that we think about it, any nationally- or internationally-recognized day can be a great opportunity for some extra kindness (National Coffee Day, National Sibling Day, etc.)! Excellent question! You can download monthly calendars with all kinds of cool celebrations here.